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  • Neda M.Zadeh

Contact Lenses: Do's and Don'ts

As a contact lens wearer, it is recommended you have your eyes checked yearly. Not just for the prescription part of the eye exam, but to assess the health of your eyes and the fit of the contact lenses on your eyes. Contact lenses are medical devices, and when contact lenses don't fit properly they can cause irreversible vision problems. Just like shoes that fit too tight on your feet cause blisters, contact lenses that fit poorly can cause ulcers –some of which can cause serious infections and result in vision loss or blindness.

Practice the following rules to protect your eyes and wear your contact lenses safely:


1. Always WASH AND DRY YOUR HANDS thoroughly before handling lenses

2. Carefully and regularly CLEAN contact lenses as directed by your optometrist. If recommended, rub the contact lenses with your fingers and rinse them thoroughly before soaking the lenses overnight in multipurpose solution that completely covers each lens.

3. Store lenses in proper lens storage case, and REPLACE THE CASE AT LEAST EVERY 3 MONTHS. Clean the case after each use, and keep it open and dry between cleanings.

4. Use only FRESH SOLUTION daily to clean and store contact lenses. Never reuse old solution. Change your contact lens solution according to manufacturer’s recommendations, even if you don’t use your lenses daily.

5. Always FOLLOW RECOMMENDED CONTACT LENS REPLACEMENT SCHEDULE as prescribed by your optometrist.

6. REMOVE contact lenses before SWIMMING, SHOWERING or SLEEPING.

7. AVOID TAP WATER to wash or store contact lenses or lens cases.

8. See your optometrist for your regularly scheduled contact lens and eye examination.


1. Don’t use CREAM SOAPS, they can leave a film on your hands that can transfer to the lenses.

2. Don’t use HOMEMADE SALINE SOLUTIONS– improper use of homemade saline solutions has been linked with a potentially blinding condition among soft lens wearers.

3. Never put contact lenses in your mouth or moisten them with saliva, which is full of bacteria and a potential source of infection

4. Don’t use TAP WATER to wash or store contact lenses cases

5. Don’t share lenses with others

6. Don’t use products not recommended by your optometrist to clean and disinfect your lenses. Saline solution and re-wetting drops are not designed to disinfect lenses.

7. Don’t SLEEP in contact lenses.

**If your eye becomes red, painful, or has discharge, remove your lenses and immediately contact your eye care provider**

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