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Golf season is upon us!

Updated: May 22, 2019

At Eyes on Avenue we love when our patients come to us for help and advice when it comes to their passions and hobbies. Golf has been a popular topic as of late now that the weather is warming up, and especiallyfor our older patients, the sun, glare, changing light levels, and different greens can all mess up our golf game.

A person’s colour vision, cataract staging, ambient light level, grass colour… these are all factors that come into play and can attribute to our vision on the course. What kind of tools are out there to help with this?

1. Prescription glasses

Sometimes your regular glasses prescription or progressives aren’t always the best fit. When playing golf, our needs our different: the scorecard in your hand, the ball at your feet, the green in the distance. At Eyes on Avenue we work with lens companies that let us specialize these specific needs and distances to maximize your vision.

Image courtesy of ShamirGolfUSA

2. Sunglasses

Although polarized sunglasses are top of the line when it comes to reducing glare, did you know they can actually interfere with your reading of the green? Our Optician can help you choose the best lens design and tint for those sunny golf days

3. Golf Ball Handling Tints

Can high visibility golf balls improve your score? Yes and no. The colour of the ball won’t make a difference in the way you hit it, but being able to see your ball more easily through the air can give you better feedback as to how you’re hitting! Most golfers agree yellow, orange and pink tinted golf balls are easiest to view against the sky and the green. Although orange becomes tougher to pick out against Fall foliage once the seasons change.

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